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im a fucked up kid who loves drugs and hates himself. im quiet and introverted but also an open book. interesting, right?
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  • windy-soul:

    “The honey doesn’t taste so good once it is being eaten; the goal doesn’t mean so much once it is reached; the reward is no so rewarding once it has been given. If we add up all the rewards in our lives, we won’t have very much. But if we add up the spaces *between* the rewards, we’ll come up with quite a bit. And if we add up the rewards *and* the spaces, then we’ll have everything - every minute of the time that we spent.”

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    i find myself losing my mind more on the daily, and find myself strivingto be far far distant from people and the world out there that i used to care about.. i remember when i used to fear being alone. But I forgot just how utterly exhausting it is to wear a mask everyday. Here in my bedroom I can be my complete self. Fuck people. I like being alone. 

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